Freedom APK v2.4.7 ( Latest Version No Root ) 100% Working

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People are really crazy for games and Android apps and most of the people out there are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to the developers of the Games for getting the premium features of that game or app so that they can get maximum performance and/or can win the Game they love. Also, check the Black Friday Sale 2017 by HostGator.

Sometimes we are blank and we don’t want to Pay for the Game in this situation we start searching how to do free in-app purchases on Android or how to Download the paid apps for free. And believe me, it is really very bad experience when we spend a lot of time in just searching and exploring the web and we still don’t find any information on how to get the premium features of apps and games for free.

So, here in this guide, I will be describing a very simple and easy method to download paid features of the Android apps and games for free using Freedom APK Latest Version. It is one of the most used and most searched terms over the internet and if you want to hack any Android game to get the paid features for free then there is nothing better than Freedom APK Root app because it works like fire and you get your favorite apps and games.

What is Freedom APK?

Freedom APK is an Android app which lets you to Download the paid features of the apps and games for free using a fake Credit Card. This app is developed by a team of talented guys but unfortunately, they have not exposed their face to the world but I know they are really awesome because they have hacked the Google Play store.

What can you do with Freedom APK?

Using Freedom APK Latest Version you can hack almost all the Games which offer in app purchase and you can get their premium features for free even without paying a single penny to the developers of the game or app by using a fake Credit Card.

The working is very simple but still, I will describe it a lot because I want to make this post lengthy (haha).

How Does Freedom APK Work?

Oh ho! This is what which I have written for a lot of times but you need to know the working of the Freedom APK Root. This uses a fake Credit Card which is not loaded with any funds and when you choose in app purchase in any app or game then you are provided with the facility to get their premium features using Freedom APK on your Rooted Android Device.

How to Download and Install Freedom APK

It’s great that you have learned a lot about it and you want to get Freedom APK direct download link and you really want to get it because you want to hack Android games and apps. This is an ultimate guide to Freedom APK and here I am going to cover all the things which you should know about this great hacking tool. Below you can see all the information about this app.

Freedom APK Free Download Details

App NameFreedom APK
Versionv. 1.7.4
Size1.54 MBs
Last UpdateJune 26, 2017
Android version requiredAndroid 2.3 or above
Root PermissionNecessary
AvailabilityOnly on our site
Available on Play StoreNO
Main PurposeIn App Purchase

Requirements for Installing Freedom App Latest Version

Well, every app needs some space and some other things on your Android device in order to install and work properly. So, Freedom APK also has some requirements which you must fulfill for installing this app on your Smartphone. Below I have listed all the requirements which are necessary for installing Freedom APK on your smartphone.

  1. Your Android device Must be Rooted.
  2. There must be at least 10 MBs of internal storage available.
  3. The version of your phone must be 3.0 or later.
  4. 512 MBs of RAM is required for the proper working of the app.
  5. Internet connection for communication between app and servers.
  6. Some patients and my support.

So, guys, this was the list of requirements for installing Freedom APK on your Android device.

Features of Freedom APK Root

Now I am going to describe the features of the app which makes it amazing and fantastic. And why people are willing to download it on their devices and want to hack games.

Look below list for the features.

  1. You can get paid features of almost all apps with a success rate of 75%.
  2. Simple, Easy to use and user-friendly interface.
  3. Works on almost all apps and games.
  4. Free for lifetime.
  5. You receive continuous updates without paying to the developers.
  6. Net updates are even more powerful.
  7. Hack unlimited apps and games.
  8. Very lightweight and smooth working app.
  9. And a lot more.

Permission Required

Every app which you install on your Android device from Google Play store requires some permission before installing on your Android Device. So, Freedom APK has also some permission which you have to accept before installing this on your Android device.

Below is all the permission which this app requires and you have to accept for installing this on your Android device.

  1. Kill the background processes and Apps.
  2. Get details of your accounts.
  3. Force apps to run or stop at any time.
  4. Install custom apps.
  5. Reboot your phone at any time.
  6. Turn off your phone after installing new patches.
  7. Read and edit phone contents and details.
  8. Modify or Edit system apps and settings.
  9. Read and write one internal and external storage

So, you may have got an idea about the permission which is required to install this app on your Android device.

Some Disadvantages

Yes, there are some disadvantages or say drawbacks of using Freedom APK no Root on your smart phone As its a hacking app so it must have some disadvantages.

Below I have listed some drawbacks of using Freedom APK.

  1. Your personal Data is at risk because this app is not an authorized app.
  2. The app can block the Google Play services and you cannot use Play Store.
  3. A properly Rooted Android device is required.
  4. When you download apps or their premium features for free you may violate the laws of your country which may cause legal problems for you.

Download Freedom APK Latest Version No Root

That’s it now it’s time to Download Freedom APK for free on your Android device. So let’s do this.

Simply tap on the below Download button.

You can also download Freedom APK v 1.7.4 latest version.

Download Freedom APK
Download Freedom APK for free

Now in the next screen, you need to click on the Download button and the app will be automatically downloaded on your Android device.

 Download Freedom APK

Freedom APK Direct Download Link

How to Install Freedom APK on Android Devices

Now it’s time to install the app on our Android device. We have already talked a lot about the app its features and all the other things. Installing it on your Android device is same as other but there is a little different because mostly we install the apps from Play Store but now we will install a custom app. So, you need to enable Installation from unknown sources first.

If you have already enabled the Installation from unknown sources then skip first 4 steps and follow the remaining steps.

Step 1. First of all, you need to open the Settings of your Android device so simply launch the Settings app from the app drawer.

Step 2. Now scroll down to the Basic Settings section and there you will find Security options, just tap on the security options.

Step 3. Once again scroll down but thing time you need to find Device Administration and then tick on ‘Installation from Unknown Sources’.

Enable installation from unknown sources
Enable installation from unknown sources

Step 4. When you will turn on the Installation from unknown sources you will see a popup message that your phone may be at risk but you don’t need to worry about it. Simply tap on the OK button.

Tap on OK button when warning message shows
Tap on OK button when warning message shows

Step 5. Once you enable installation from Unknown sources simply open the File Manager of your Android device and their find Freedom APK app which you have just downloaded and tap on it.

Step 6. After locating and tapping on the APK file you will be asked to accept the permission tap on the Accept button and then on the Install button. It will take few seconds and Freedom APK Root will be automatically installed on your Android device.

How to Hack Android Games and Apps

It’s time to make things happen. We have done a lot of hard work for hacking Android Games and now it’s time to make the things working for us by Hacking Android games and app so that we can get their premium features and apps for free.

Before we start read below disclaimer.


Hacking or Cracking Android Games and the app is not legal and is not allowed in any country or region. Although this article is on Hacking games and app using Freedom APK it is just for the sake of education. Please don’t this guide or the this app for harming any game or anyone.


Step 1. For hacking any Game or App using Freedom APK there must be some games or apps which allow in app purchase or feature upgrade by for some Dollars. So, make sure you have any game or app where you want to buy the premium features using Freedom APK.

Step 2. Turn your phone on and launch the Freedom APK  Latest app from the app drawer, it will take a while and will show all the installed apps which have on app purchase enabled.

Step 3. Choose the app which you want to hack by tapping on it and again wait for a few seconds or minutes depends on your device.

Important Note: Before following the step no. 4 make sure you have not linked any Credit Card to your Play Store account if you have then first removed that.

Step 4. Now you will see a popup where you can have to tap on the Buy button and that’s it.

You have successfully get the paid features of the game and app without actually paying to the developers.

So, guys, this was very easy to simply fool the Google Play store by using Freedom APK app on your Android Device.

But wait, if your was not successful in getting the paid features and see any kind of error then you have to edit the host file on your Android device. OK, I know you don’t know how to edit the Host file in Android so read the below guide for it.

Fix “No Connection” error in Play Store after installing Freedom App

As I had described above in the permissions topic Freedom APK needs the permission to edit the system files of your Android device. When you install this on your Android some files are edited by it, one of those files is Host file of your Android.

Since it edits the host file of your phone so some applications stop working as they used to work previously. In this situation, all we need to do is to edit the host file on your Android device and the No connection error in Play store will be fixed automatically.

Follow the steps given below to get started;

Step 1. You need to install ES File explorer or any other file explorer on your Android device (We use ES File Explorer so, it is recommended). Since your Google Play Store is not working so you cannot directly install it from Play Store, Download it by click here.

Step 2. After installing ES File Explorer launch it, if your Android device is root (root is necessary) then it will ask for Root permission just allow it.

Allow Root Permission to ES File Explorer
Allow Root Permission to ES File Explorer

Step 3. On the top left corner, you will see three dots or bars just tap on that and then choose Local. A small menu will pop up under the local simply select the Device option.

Allow Root Permission to ES File Explorer
Allow Root Permission to ES File Explorer

Step 4. In the Device menu, you will find a lot of folder and files there find the System folder. In the system folder you have to locate the ETC Folder and in the ETC folder, you will find the Hosts file.

Step 5. Now keep your finger on the Host file for a few seconds a menu will appear simply tap on the More icon on the right corner at the bottom and select Open As from the new Menu as shown in the image below.

Tap on Host and select More
Tap on Host and select More

Step 6. After following the above step Open As menu will appear there tap on the Text and then select ES File Editor.

Step 7. Host file of your Android device will be opened in the ES File Editor and you can view it. To Edit it you need to tap on the Menu icon on the top right corner and there select Edit option.

Edit Host file For Freedom APK
Edit Host file For Freedom APK

Step 8. It’s time to edit the Host file, simply remove all the syntax from that file and paste “ localhost” there without quotes and save the file.

Step 9. Now open the Settings app on your Android device and there open apps option.

Step 10. Find Google Play Store app in the Installed apps list on your Android device and clear all the data. When you will clear the phone data the Play Store will start working but you need to Reboot your Phone.


That’s it you have successfully fixed/resolved the Google Play Store not working error on your Android device. Now Play Store services will work properly as it was working before but you need to make sure you don’t install and uninstall Freedom APK again and again. Because if you uninstall the app the settings will be reset and on a new installation of Freedom APK Latest Version you need to again edit the Host Files.

Final Thoughts

Freedom APK is the best solution for those guys who want to enjoy the premium features of different apps and games but they don’t have money to pay for these paid features or they don’t want to pay.

Using Freedom APK Latest version you can hack almost all the apps and games out there. There are a few games and apps which are not supported by Freedom APK but the latest version of the app works even more smooth and can hack even more games and apps.

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Please share this Freedom APK guide with your friends too so that they can also hack Android games and apps using it.

Have a nice day;